Trick Dog Training

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Cost $25 (each session)

2SpeakDog is now offering the fun and excitement of Trick Dog training in workshop form! Our staff will show you how trick training improves your pup's obedience skills, self-control, and focus. Trick training is a lively, enjoyable method of furthering your pup’s training while strengthening the bond between you and your pup!

These workshops are great for almost every pup! If your furry friend has a ~lot~ of energy, or is too smart for their own good, trick training is the way to go! We will put that canine brain to work, combining physical training with mental stimulation, to burn energy and teach them a whole host of new skills. For pups who are little anxious and need a confidence boost, trick training helps develop a trusting relationship based on communication, respect, and positive reinforcement. Trick training is a great way to expand obedience skills (yes, obedience skills!) beyond basic training, and helps keep your pup in top “training shape” before, during, and after our program of Obedience classes.

PRE-REQUISITE: Knowledge of sit, down, and settle. Completion of a 2SD obedience class helpful but not required.

Please note that the enrollment links will take you to our online enrollment system, the website MindBodyOnline. If you have any problems completing enrollment, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Registrations should be submitted NO LATER than 3:00 pm the day before the workshop (3:00 pm on Friday for weekend workshops).  Registrations received after the cutoff may not be accepted.

These workshops utilize different trick training methods (Luring, Molding, and Rewarding) and may be taken independently or in a series. One is not needed for the next, although they're all a blast

Trick Dog Training – Luring: This workshop focuses on tricks taught by luring, a technique that uses food (or sometimes toys) to coax your pup into the correct action. Tricks for this workshop may include Spin, Bow, Shake, Roll Over, Ribbon, and Crawl.

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Trick Dog Training – Props: This workshop focuses on tricks taught by molding, a technique in which we use props to encourage your pup to perform on cue. Tricks for this workshop may include Cover Your Eyes, Dig, Unroll the Rug, Paws Up, and Hoop Jump.

New Schedule Coming Soon!