Field Trips/Etiquette Outings

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Levels I and II $25 each

These workshops will expose your pup to high foot and paw traffic, allowing you to put your previous or newly learned skills to work. It is helpful but NOT necessary to take Level I before Level II.

Levels I and II to cover:
Socialization – Meet and greet humans and dogs
Social Responsibilities – Respect of environment, leash etiquette and cleaning up after pet


  • It is best to attend a Walking Workshop before going on a Field Trip Workshop but it is not necessary
  • If you know your pup is easily distracted, it’s recommended to start with Level I but again, it is not necessary
  • Please bring extra-yummy treats and a treat bag to help keep your pup focused
  • Make sure to bring bags to dispose of potential accidents

Please Note: If you are interested in training two or more dogs, whether they are litter mates or just house mates, please sign them up for classes or workshops individually. We do not recommend having both dogs in the same class, as they will be more successful building confidence on their own, learning to rely on you, instead of their pack mates.