New Baby Preparation

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dogs and babiesJennifer Kyzer, our Master Trainer and Behavior Specialist, will come to your home as part of your family's preparation for the new baby. She will help guide you through the first introduction of your new baby to your pup. Jennifer will consult with you and your family to identify and manage your expectations of your dog’s behavior around the baby as he/she grows and becomes mobile through walking.

New Baby Preparation appointments are on an hourly basis and are scheduled evenings and weekends.


Dogs and Babies: Fostering a Happy Pack Part I, Seminar

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Concerned about how your dog will react to your impending arrival? Join 2SpeakDog’s Master Trainer and Behavior Specialist Jennifer Kyzer as she discusses the transition to parenthood as it pertains to your dog(s). She will highlight how to prepare your dog for baby's arrival, how to introduce your baby to your dog, the new relationship your dog will have with you, and how to work with your dog when your child becomes mobile. You'll learn not only good dog-and-baby skills, but good general training basics in the process.

Lecture only: No dogs at this session. An opportunity to practice new skills with your dog will take place in Part II of Fostering a Happy Pack.

Cost: $25 per couple

July 31, 2018
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Johnston Willis Hospital - Atrium
1401 Johnston WIllis Dr, Richmond VA, 23235
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Dogs and Babies: Fostering a Happy Pack Part II, Walking Workshop

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Cost $35 per dog

2SpeakDog’s Master Trainer Jennifer Kyzer will demonstrate and have you practice how to safely push a stroller while walking your dog, including exercises to teach you and your dog to walk without pulling.

This training session may be taken with or without Fostering a Happy Pack Part I (seminar)

Dates: Please note that all of 2SpeakDog's Walking Workshops are open to those who would like to take Dogs and Babies: Fostering a Happy Pack Part II. For those attending as Dogs and Babies participants, training will be tailored to the Dogs and Babies curriculum outlined above. See specific workshop dates on our Walking Workshops Page.