Initial Consultation - Private Lesson

This is a 2 hours session with Kasey Herrera, our Master Trainer and Behavior Specialist. She will come to your home and take a history, set goals, prioritize and get started teaching. Kasey will teach you and your family strategies to help modify your dog’s unwanted behaviors and how to properly reward for appropriate behaviors. After she has had time to work with your dogs and get a good assessment, she will then be able to recommend a curriculum that best suits you and your pup's needs. This could include but not limited to, additional private lessons, one of our workshops and/or obedience classes.

Private Lesson behavioral issues can include but are not limited to:

  • separation anxiety
  • human issues/aggression
  • dog to dog issues/aggression
  • guarding of territory or objects
  • rude behavior

Lesson includes a complete initial consultation with dog’s history, a new daily schedule, behavioral modification strategies and expectations for improvements. The consultation will set goals that will match you and your dog’s individual lifestyles and personalities.

Lesson typically runs approximately 2 hours.

Follow up hourly lessons are also available.