"Out and About" Intermediate Obedience Class Level II

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2SpeakDog proudly offers our all new Intermediate Obedience Level II "Out and About" class! This class focuses on using all the obedience and behavioral skills your pup has learned and applying them in a variety of public situations. We will be working on loose leash walking with distractions, meet and greet with people and dogs, settle in public, and general manners. In addition, we will strengthen your pup's core obedience skills (sit, down, focus, stay, leave it, etc.).

ALL six sessions of Intermediate II meet in differing public locations. Class meets weekly for 90-minute sessions. Please refer to the schedule for times and locations.

2SpeakDog encourages attendance by the whole family. If you have young children, if possible we ask that two adults attend class.

Qualifications: Completion of Intermediate Obedience Level I or proof of Canine Good Citizen title plus completion of one Walking Workshop, Field Trip, or Pack Walk

August 19, 2018
Sundays, 9:30am 
6 weeks, $120
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Class 1 at Bryan Park: Sunday, 8/19 9:30am
Class 2 at TBD: Sunday, 8/26 9:30am
Class 3 at Belle Isle Sunday, 9/9 9:30am
Class 4 at Bass Pro: Sunday, 9/16 9:30am
Class 5 at Dorey Park: Sunday, 9/23 9:30am
Class 6 at Carytown: Sunday, 9/30 9:30am
Class 7 at 2SD Facility: Sunday, 10/7 9:30am

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