Choosing the Right Dog

2SpeakDog is available for consultations prior to and during the process of choosing a dog/puppy for your family. Whether a purebred from a breeder, a dog from rescue group or a shelter dog, 2SpeakDog can help. We offer temperament (personality) testing, assistance with matching energy levels and lifestyle of your family to your canine, as well as an assessment of the right breed for your family.

Choosing the Right Dog sessions are on an hourly basis and scheduling is flexible.

What dog is best for me?

Choosing the Right Dog Package - $250*

Step 1 - Phone and email consultation with our master trainer Kasey R. Herrera
Step 2 - Meeting potential pups: Our behavior specialists will go to events, SPCA/shelter or breeder within a reasonable distance (up to 2 meetings, $50 each additional)
Step 3 - Phone and email tips on bringing dog home and integrating pup into the household: crate training, potty training, daily schedule
Step 4 (optional) - First home visit/private lesson: additional $100 for a 90 minute session
*Fee is discounted for rescue dogs

2SpeakDog helps family choose the right dog

Lucy and familyAs soon as our family thought we were ready to start the process of finding a rescue, we contacted Jennifer Kyzer to get some tips on how to get to know a dog quickly. During this first conversation, she asked many questions about our family, our lifestyle, our wants and our needs. We also got online and we deciphered a description of a dog we had been interested in, finding out that dog seemed much too rambunctious for our family.

We then set up an appointment for Jennifer to meet us at an event that had two dogs we were interested in. We were especially concerned because our 4 children had not had a dog. Jennifer also helped them learn how to meet a dog, the signs a dog is uncomfortable, and how we can ease the dog. It was amazing! We really liked one of the dogs but at Jennifer's encouragement, we met 2 other dogs the next week. We ended up going back to one of the first dogs we met. Meeting the 2nd two dogs confirmed our decision.

We now have Lucy and she is becoming an amazing part of our family! Not sure that we would have ended up with the perfect dog for us without Jennifer! We can't wait to start obedience class.

Katherine and Aaron,
4 kids and a dog!