Fostering Rescue Pups

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The Whys, Hows, and Whens of Fostering

Have you ever thought about opening your home to a rescue pup? Maybe you're not ready for another dog, but a temporary canine visitor sounds like fun. Or maybe you'd like to help out but can't take in a dog full-time. If you're interested in the details of fostering, this seminar will give you all the information you'll need. We will discuss:

  • What exactly does fostering mean?
  • What are my responsibilities as a foster?
  • What should I do to prepare my home and family for my foster pup?
  • What if I have another dog (or kids or cats or birds ...) and how do I introduce them?
  • What are some commands that I can teach my foster pup to help him/her get successfully adopted?
  • And more!

This seminar will be presented by 2SpeakDog's Master Trainer and Behavior Specialist, Jennifer Kyzer, and 2SpeakDog's Large Breed Advisor and Trainer Specializing in Behavior, Kasey R. Herrera. 2SpeakDog will present details on the practical, real-life aspects of fostering. Seminar is lecture only, no pups, please. A question-and-answer session will follow the seminar presentation.

This seminar is only $25 per family/couple! Rescue organzations please contact us for group discounts. Enrollment is required.


**When enrolling, only one person per household needs to sign up and pay. If we start to get tight on space, we'll reach out to confirm how many people from your household are attending.

Dogs & Babies: Fostering a Happy Pack Part I

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Concerned about how your dog will react to your impending arrival? Join 2SpeakDog’s Master Trainer Kasey Herrera as she discusses the transition to parenthood as it pertains to your dog(s). She will highlight how to prepare your dog for baby's arrival, how to introduce your baby to your dog, the new relationship your dog will have with you, and how to work with your dog when your child becomes mobile. You'll learn not only good dog-and-baby skills, but good general training basics in the process.

NOTE: This is a Lecture only. No dogs at this session. An opportunity to practice new skills with your dog will take place in Part II of Fostering a Happy Pack.

Cost: $25 per couple

Thursday, January 16th, 2020
6:30 - 8:30 pm
Click here to enroll