Tyler Rohm

Tyler instructor picTyler Rohm is a VCU graduate with his BS in Psychology. He has been interested in behavior work since starting to study psychology in high school. He was raised with dogs in the house, and his mom was a “retirement home for dogs” for 5 years. Tyler helped her care for sick and elderly dogs whose parents couldn’t care for them anymore. That’s where his love for rescue animals came to be! In 2013, he adopted his dog Ruca, pictured. Ruca was feral when she came to him, and it’s because of her that Tyler started training. Ruca has made many strides in her confidence and trust and she is a product of positive training. Tyler loves to help rescue animals through fostering and transporting. While he loves the obedience aspect of training, his main focus is on understanding behavior and ultimately cultivating a change in behavior through positive training. His background in Psychology helps with an understanding of how to modify human behavior, but also transfers easily into animal behavior. Tyler is interested in fear cases, reactivity, protection, and dog-dog socialization.

When he’s not working with dogs, Tyler loves to camp, hike, read, and travel. He lives in Southside Richmond and shares a home with his partner, their dog, and any other fur kids that drop by for a playdate or stay awhile as a foster.