Amy Shankle

Amy Shankle instructor pic 2

Amy Shankle has loved dogs all her life. She has 10+ years of experience training her own dogs, and has been teaching classes for 3 years. Working through her own dogs’ struggles with reactivity piqued an interest in behavior, while competing with her dogs in Rally Obedience and Agility brought out a love for dog sports and teaching all the fun things that go into them! Her favorite part of teaching is seeing the progress that her students make, and helping them to achieve their training goals - whatever those might be!

When she’s not training or teaching, Amy works full time for VCU and is nearly finished with her Master's degree in Adult Learning. She shares her life with two darling pit bull terriers, Juno (Juno B. Beastly) and Percy (Persephone’s On The Ball), and her wonderful boyfriend, Aidan, who doesn’t mind when she talks his ear off about dogs, dogs, and more dogs!