Kasey Herrera

k-herreraKasey grew up training dogs in a variety of sizes, but has always had a passion for the large breeds.  While Kasey's primary focus is on the business aspects of 2SD, she thrives on training many of our workshops, classes and through large breed private lessons.  Her background in Litigation Jury Consulting gives her a unique understanding of human behaviors, and she is able to apply that insight to building stronger dog-people relationships.  Kasey lives in Richmond with her three fur kids - two Great Danes and a small lab mix, as well as additional fur kids that foster, visit or come by to play.

Gabrielle Johnson

Gabrielle Johnson has been working with dogs for over ten years. It all began with her rescued pit bull, Jolene. She now has a pack of six of her own dogs! She has volunteered, fostered, and joined in outreach efforts with multiple rescue and advocacy groups over the years, including a group in Hawaii working with the houseless population and their dogs, Richmond's own Gracie's Guardians, and Richmond Animal Care and Control. She enjoys building confidence in dogs with insecurity and helping dogs, with their people, work through reactivity.

Gabrielle formerly worked for Canine Adventure, where she was a professional dog handler, managed the team working South of the River, and coordinated
their continuing education and training opportunities. Gabrielle began training with 2SpeakDog in 2014, and then began interning, before coming on board as an instructor. Gabrielle holds degrees from VCU in Psychology and Sociology.

When she isn't working with other people's dogs, Gabrielle can be found cuddling or hiking with her crew - three senior pit bulls, two border collie/hound mixes, and a pharaoh hound mix.