Minerva gets her cute puppiness back

MinervaWhen I emailed Jennifer for our first private lesson, I was worried that my young puppy had turned into a monster. Minerva the Italian Spinoni was then four months old. Even at four months, her play style was harsh: she bit and snapped at me during play. She was jumping up, she had little respect for my personal space, and she would run at me to try to get a taste of my hand as she made her pass. Walks were very hard.

Jennifer came to my house in the mid-afternoon. She immediately established the relationship with my dog that I knew I should have. It was uplifting to see my dog calm and cute again. Jennifer worked with Minerva and got to know the two of us and my specific needs as a pet owner. We set both long-term and short term goals. Jennifer showed me specific strategies for dealing with Minerva's personality.

Later that evening, Minerva acted up. I managed to remain calm despite Minerva's strong and resilient attempts to bite at me. I left a message for Jennifer and she called me back within an hour. She talked me through specific actions to take to get Minerva calmed. They worked and I had my cute puppy back – this time because I did the work. That was a real confidence-builder.

Minerva and I are on the way to a proper relationship. Jennifer Kyzer has made as big an impression on me as she did on Minerva, and I see a calm, monsterless future with my puppy.


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