Bitsy is improving

BitsyJennifer came to our house and spent a couple of hours to assess Bitsy, our Chihuahua. When we adopted Bitsy, we were told that Bitsy was a rescue amputee with phantom pains. She is very sweet until these pains kick in. Dog Talk was recommended by our Vet, Dr Hiser, to help with her behavioral issues. Anyway, Jennifer helped immediately.

Jennifer confirmed our vet's evaluation that the phantom pain was more behavioral than physical. She gave us three options to overcome this and our homework was to find two more ways. These solutions have worked wonders. My wife brought tension into the relationship with Bitsy and I wouldn't give any discipline. Jennifer explained to us our problems, so we could in turn help Bitsy. I can't wait until our follow up visit with her in a few weeks.

As instructed, we are still hand feeding Bitsy. When she growls before her episodes, we either offer the snack in our hand, pick her up, and/or I can even grunt or speak to her to bring her back. The episodes she had on Tuesday evening/Wednesday weren't as severe as the ones she had before your visit. Bitsy is improving.


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