Ella’s tranformation amazes

EllaI just wanted to thank you again. We had such a great visit! We all learned so much! Ella has done really well since Saturday! Amazing well! So, where is my dog? What have you done with her? Just kidding! :)

I took Ella to visit with my girlfriend and her dog (7 year lab named Daisy). The dogs absolutely love each other. My girlfriend lives in the fan. We took a long walk together – Did some more of the back and forth walking with the long leash in the Va Museum yard. Daisy joined in and started following behind me too. It was too funny!! Ella did not growl and bark at bikes, runners, baby carriages, and other dogs. It was amazing.

I've been taking her on regular walks through the neighborhood – Every now and then she will get alarmed by dogs barking – But I'm able to tell her it's okay, she's safe with me – and presto – she's calm. Another thing was finding out that she really was looking for me to protect her and to let her feel I had everything under control. That was a revelation to me. I can now tell her "Hey, I got this. You don't need to be growling." and she hears me. She knows what I am saying and she totally gets that!

We've been working on door etiquette and been playing the hide & seek game. We are doing great! Just wanted to let you know how much we really needed your services! We are all very happy! :-)


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