When I adopted my first dog from the local animal shelter I was overjoyed at the chance of having a new friend in my life. I knew during the process that I was taking on a shy little "fixer-upper" with a colorful assortment of treatable health issues. What I didn't know was my new partner in crime was also severely under socialized and wouldn't let another dog within thirty feet of her without giving it a piece of her mind. Jennifer Kyzer was truly instrumental in my "busted border"'s miraculous rehabilitation. She not only met with me privately with her dogs to teach my dog right from wrong, she taught my dog the leash was her friend, not just another tie out in the back yard of her former life. Despite my new dog's fearful and almost feral demeanor, Kelda and I were able to undergo basic obedience training under Jennifer's guidance.

I've had Kelda for almost 4 years now and the difference in her behavior is remarkable. She is a healthy, dog and human friendly, funny, adorable and loving 6 year old best friend with a constant smile on her face and a heart of gold. She's lived with a plethora of dogs and cats over the years and currently has two animal siblings who she considers her best friends. I have since started volunteering with rescue and animal welfare/protection organizations and got a full time job at the shelter I adopted my dog from. In short, working with Jennifer and rehabilitating my first pet has changed my life. My partner and I are in the process of adopting our second dog and are pleased to have Jennifer helping us along the way.


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