Hank becomes an “American gentleman”

HankWith a face like this, it's hard to believe Hank could be a total monster at times. But, he got to the point where crazy eyes and guttural growls were all too frequent, scaring both of us. He used to lunge up at our faces when we put a collar and/or leash on him, bit and nipped to the point of bruised arms and calves, and even chomped the vet who suggested getting him into obedience school as soon as possible before things got worse.

Despite the fact that he was just a wee pup (16 weeks or so at the time), we took his advice and enrolled Hank in Jennifer's six week, basic obedience class and saw a change almost immediately. His ability to focus and settle down improved, but he was still having his aforementioned "episodes." She showed us a few things to try at home during these fits which subdued, but didn't totally stop them. Her suggestion for a private lesson was the perfect solution to our puppy trouble. During the two hour plus session, we discussed some root causes of his behavior issues (most of which stemmed from a traumatic choking incident at just a few weeks old) and began rehabilitative work based on that.

Now, we are sans bites and attitude when putting anything around his neck and he prances like a little show dog on a loose leash making for a pleasant walking experience. Guiding Hank with the cool and collected leadership skills that Jennifer taught us, we've uncovered the "American gentleman" that Boston Terriers are supposed to be. We're also applying Jennifer's dog mantra of "Nothing is a big deal" to our daily life and it works for us too!

Hilary and Jenn

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