Sebastian Loves His Crate

SebastianJennifer, I had to take a moment to send you some pics of Sebastian. He is like a new dog! He is going in his crate without a leash, sometimes he plays on his own in his crate and he doesn’t try to get out of his crate while we are gone anymore. It’s truly amazing!! We got a camera for Christmas so we can check in on him and he is doing great while we are gone! We don’t even have to put the clamps on his door anymore!! Crazy?!?! I just wanted to thank you! Putting the pad underneath his tray, spraying his area with my perfume, giving him special treats while he is in there, breathing calmly before leaving and not talking talking to him until we are outside have been great suggestions. We also rearranged the room and got a couch and hang out in that room more. We can even put bedding in his crate and he doesn’t shred it.

He is also playing more and really coming out of his shell. We are very thankful for the help we have gotten from you as well as our class we took in with Amy. We start our second class with Kasey today and are very excited.

I thought you would like to know how much you helped us! We never could have imagined he would come so far just since September. We still have work to to do with him for sure, but wow!!! It’s just been awesome to go from where he was to now!

Susan R.
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