Terrified TrudyMae Blossoms

TrudyMae canoe

This is a long overdue shout out and testimonial about Jenn’s work with TrudyMae.
As you know, TrudyMae had a really tough beginning…rescued from near death, found in the woods having had puppies but no sign of the puppies, heart worm, into heat…just a series of hardships to overcome. 
As a result, she was terrified of the world and most things in it. She retreated to her “safe” spot in the bedroom and mostly stayed there. Jenn came to our home several times and showed us and TrudyMae how to “be” together and gradually, with visits, training class and lots of TLC, we are delighted to report that almost two years into our life with TrudyMae, she is healthy, funny, somewhat adventurous, willing to take risks with us…is a champion ball catcher, swimmer…loves rides in the canoe. She smiles a lot, and generally behaves well with others.
What a turnaround. 2SpeakDog’s method of training and confidence offered us hope, results and helped TM be the good and faithful companion we always knew she could be. Thank you!

Frazier, Brad, and TrudyMae

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