Fear of Stairs Conquered

FenwayFor the first 3 months of living in our new house, Fenway was terrified to go downstairs to our walk-out basement. He went freely up and down the other stairs, but he appeared terrified to even get near the top of the basement stairs. We had tried everything our vet has suggested but Fenway would push his feet into the floor and refused to budge. We tried leashes and collar grabbing; he is over 100 pounds so carrying him was not an option. We ended up having to take him out the front door and walking him around to the fenced in back yard.

We reached out to 2SpeakDog and Jennifer Kyzer came over, got to know us a bit and discussed all the things we had tried. We spent our training session working with her on new approaches and WOW! Just two days of working with Fenway and it seems his fear of the basement stairs is history! After Jennifer left, that afternoon and evening he did great on the stairs using the leash.Fenway2

The next morning I used the harness only, but he did not seem to be as comfortable. However, after that he went down easier and easier with the leash. At dinner time I went down to fill their bowls, and to my complete surprise he came charging down the stairs on his own!

Ever since then, Fenway hasn't needed the leash. He seems like he is totally ease. I can't tell you how thrilled we all are! This is such a relief, and I wanted to share and let you know how appreciative we all are!

Robert and Diane

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