"Speaking Dog" - Communication is Key

WaldoI am a big fan of 2SpeakDog! Using the techniques I learned from JD and Jennifer Kyzer, I started working with my Labrador Retriever puppy at 9 weeks old. He will be 2 years old next week and he responds to over 70 vocabulary words and many hand commands!

My 2SpeakDog obedience class contained several deaf dogs and I learned the importance of visually communicating as well as teaching verbal commands. In addition to the basics, Waldo knows the names of friends and family, fun tricks, many toys by name, and best of all, when I call him, he runs to find me!

Instead of “Where’s Waldo,” we play, “Waldo, where’s … ?” and I add the name of a toy or person. He knows to go find that toy. If he can’t find it, I can say, “Check your toy box!” and he will go in the living room and check his toy box. He is amazing and I can imprint any toy or person with him in less than 5 minutes. He just "gets" it.

2SpeakDog opened up a whole new world for me – now my dog and I can communicate, with or without words. So many people stop me and compliment me on Waldo. We still have a few things to work out, but I am hoping to spend the next 13 years working with him!

Thank you so much, 2SpeakDog, for this fun and rewarding relationship!


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