Out of Control Puppy

Marlee1Our family acquired a gorgeous English Cream Golden Retriever and she integrated well into the household with our other dog, Yuki, for the first few weeks or so. But by the age of 4 months, Marlee was quite a handful. She showed no respect for our two young children, would not follow commands, was loud when crated, and would growl, snap and even bite us when she would steal a child’s toy or other ‘off limit’ items. The kids would scream for her to get away from them, cry when she jumped on them, or took food from them, and we were beyond frustrated!

Our vet referred us to Jennifer Kyzer with 2SpeakDog and we were encouraged after our first session. We also realized she was very SMART and we had to learn more about training and behavior to ‘keep up with her’! I remember the first night she slept through the night (in her crate) and also the first time our 4-year old daughter could feed her with a ritual in which Marlee would wait for her food until she was released. We also practiced calming techniques to settle her down, and worked hard on crate training and obedience commands and tricks.

Marlee is now about a year old and is a wonderful addition to our family. She knows all her commands, does well on- and off-leash. She has even welcomed a kitten gently and appropriately to our family!




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