Training for a Problem Dog

Roger2We got our "problem dog" Roger about 3 years ago. We knew about his issues from the beginning but thought we could work on them over time. We had always had good luck training our other 2 dogs and figured time and love was all Roger needed. Roger had always shown signs of aggression around new people. We called it his "stranger danger", but it wasn't cute. He would growl and even snap at new people. We tried everything we could think of working with him. We tried constant walks in hopes that he would just eventually be de-sensitized and we tried anxiety meds. Eventually we just had to settle in to the routine of keeping him penned up in his kennel whenever someone new was around. He just wasn't improving. At home he was the sweetest most loving puppy dog, but when a new person came over he turned into a growling, snarling terror!

Roger1We decided to try a trainer and called 2SpeakDog. Jennifer Kyzer came over to our house and she got to see first-hand how hard to handle Roger could be around strangers. Jennifer observed Roger’s behaviors for a while and then set in place a plan for us. She taught us how to think like Roger so that we could better understand what was going on in his head. From Jennifer we learned that Roger felt like we needed protection and how we could lift that burden from him. She taught us exercises that let Roger still fulfill his need to protect us but also give us the option of taking over control so that Roger could relax and let US protect HIM! She even helped us fix a minor food aggression issue he had been having that allowed us to feed him with the other dogs instead of all alone in his kennel.

These days Roger is a brand new dog. He's still our loving puppy at home but when we have company now Roger surprises us every time with his good behavior and friendly attitude. He has obviously gained confidence and lost his fear. We are SO appreciative to 2SpeakDog for giving us and Roger that gift. We LOVE 2SpeakDog!

Emily & Colin

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