What a Great Experience

WillieAs I prepare for week six of 2SpeakDog's Obedience I class, I feel compelled to tell you what a great experience the sessions have been for my dog Willie and me. Willie is a very enthusiastic (also, crazy, funny, and silly) 14 month old Golden Retriever.

When my husband and I acquired Willie from a breeder at eight weeks old, little did he know what a big job was ahead of him. He had to fill a huge hole left in our hearts caused by the loss of three older Goldens between 2012-2014.

We live in the Farmville area and have a 1.5 hour commute to get to your facility. I initially wondered if the 3 hours of drive time would be worth it. I can say YES on so many levels. Your facility is perfect for training and everyone there has made us feel like family.   

I thought I had the perfect relationship with Willie, but since training at 2SpeakDog and working on our homework - it has greatly enriched my bond him. He actually looks for the opportunity to do good things and get rewarded.

We look forward to future training opportunities at 2SpeakDog!

Terri (and Willie!)

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