Going From One Pup to Two

Hawkeye v2This is a big THANK YOU to Jennifer Kyzer!  She is simply amazing. She walked into our house and right away both of our dogs knew that she was in charge (and so did we!).  We have been dog owners for 16 years and have been around the block. But we got a new puppy recently and our house was turned upside down.  Our 4.5 year old dog was injured twice by the new puppy and we were distraught. Our veterinarian, Dr. Randy Mortimer, told us to call Jennifer Kyzer.  She has changed our lives.  We did an initial consult and within 24 hours, we saw major differences in both our dogs. We were taught so many different things in the first session - how to recognize the dog’s body language, how to set boundaries, how to diffuse a situation, etc. We are living so much more peacefully; it is truly like night and day.  We can’t wait to continue to work with Jennifer with more private sessions and with puppy school.  Jennifer is gentle and kind and we trust her completely.  She is so knowledgeable, and we know if she could help us, that she can help most any situation.

Christopher & Kelly

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