Choosing the Right Pup for our Family

TinsleyWe are soooo thankful for all that Jennifer Kyzer taught us when she came to visit our foster dog, Jeff!  Thanks to her help, Jeff was adopted to wonderful home with a dog trainer.  Even more exciting, thanks to what she taught us, we recently went and spent a day with a litter of puppies and were able to pick the perfect puppy for our home!

We were torn between two puppies, one was the middle of the pack and the other was the runt of the litter.  We knew Jennifer had suggested a middle of the pack pup, and when we tried the settle with the pups, clearly the middle of the pack did best with all of us - she had just about an instant settle!  Having the knowledge Jennifer gave us, we were able to help our daughter understand why the runt of the litter, which was strikingly beautiful, was not the best choice when you took into account the dynamics of our house. 

When we brought the new puppy home, all of our animals greeted the puppy and all have fully accepted her.  The advice Jenn gave us was incredible and right on target.  It is amazing to see what a difference picking the "right puppy" for our home made.  We have used the strategies she taught us in teaching leave it and she picked up on them right away.  Once she gets all of her shots, we look forward to signing up for one of your puppy socialization classes!  Thanks again!


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