Mental Stimulation Helps a Smart Pup

MollyIn December of 2012, we adopted a rescue pup, Molly, a border collie mix.  We began our training with 2SpeakDog with a Walking Workshop to address the leash aggression we were experiencing.  We had leash rules and she had lots of friends at daycare, but we've never had a dog with this behavior, so we needed some assistance!  Not long after we began our training, we realized we have one amazingly SMART girl on our hands and we need to keep her mentally stimulated to keep us all happy. 

We have now attended Intermediate and Advanced Level classes, Molly has received her Canine Good Citizen, had a few private lessons, attended several Workshops and is continuing to learn something new each week.  We always come away from a session energized about our training, and with a tired pup!

We're confident that we now have a good foundation of tools to help Molly be her best doggie self. It's been a lot of work, a lot of fun, and we look forward to continuing her training with 2SpeakDog!

Julie and Mike

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