Continued Training Makes Carson a Happy Pup

CarsonI rescued Carson almost two and one-half years ago.  He had been a hunting dog who, I discovered, clearly didn't like loud noises.  I originally contacted Jennifer to help me with him because he was shut down and anxious when left alone in the house.  She taught me how to make him confident and how to lead him.  She suggested we start training classes; as it turns out, Carson loves training and has met a good buddy because of the classes.  For two years we would take training classes and retake them, just to keep him socialized and mentally stimulated.  He even passed his CGC exam.

Recently I started working longer hours and had to take him out of an Intermediate training class before we could complete it.  Soon after, Carson started getting into the recycle bin, barking during the day, and would be almost frantic to see me when I came home.  I have a roommate that comes home and walks him immediately, so he wasn't alone any longer during the day, and he was still being walked two hours a day.  The big difference was he was no longer in training with me.  JD emailed to see if I wanted to pick up the last half of an intermediate class (the same level we dropped out of).  Her timing was perfect!  Four days after being back in training, Carson was back to his usual calm, confident self in the house while everyone was at work.  

Because of my training and workshops with 2SpeakDog, I knew what to do when Carson's anxiety returned and undesirable behaviors cropped up.  2SD helped me know my dog and his needs well, and I am grateful for the way they helped us develop our relationship.


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