Training Makes for Awesome Aussies

Bogey and FinnTwo years ago we brought a beautiful, blue-eyed bundle of energy home. We had never owned an Australian Shepherd before but we had researched the breed before getting Bogey. We knew, as a herding dog, he would need lots of exercise and socialization. Furthermore, training was a must. We had to wait a month before the class began, and we dedicated ourselves to housebreaking him and providing the exercise he needed for his boundless amounts of energy.

We walked Bogey on leash, let him run through the woods behind our home, and take him to the river to swim. No matter how much exercise he got he would return home and pace relentlessly. We kept questioning what we were doing wrong or if we had just under estimated an Aussie's physical activity needs. We were certain he needed training.

Finally, class began and we quickly learned it was us that needed the training. Jennifer helped us to understand that while we were meeting his physical needs, we weren't meeting Bogey's mental needs. Bogey responded instantly and we participated in many classes and workshops. We developed a much stronger bond with him. Bogey has a strong herding instinct and is very reactive. This can cause problem behavior when in public and especially around children. With Jennifer's help, we learned what to do in these situations.

There was a time that we would have considered ourselves crazy to add another Aussie to our pack. However, after learning so much from 2SpeakDog, we did just that. We now have Finn and he has benefited so much from all we have learned. He resisted crate training so Jennifer came to our home for a private lesson. He went immediately in the crate and has not had a problem since. We laughed and often say she sprinkled her magical fairy dust everywhere. Finn is now participating in classes and workshops. We are so happy we found 2SpeakDog and they truly are the best!

Debbie and Andy

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