Neo Learns Trust and Respect

Neo1Jennifer Allen Kyzer really provided what my dogs and I needed. It wasn't elaborate training for commands – I credit her with getting Neo and me to work together, and for him to trust and respect me. I did not find anyone else who understood quickly where my dogs and I were as a team and what we needed, nor who had the "walking workshop" format that she offers. I can't thank her enough. I really appreciate the work Jenn did with us and the help and encouragement. We can go places with more confidence now. Neo is still Neo – he still has his moments – but I know what to do, when and how.

I am so excited about the possibilities I can see for Neo and Breezy after our session. I really felt that Jenn "got" Neo and she "got" me too. It felt like Neo, Breezy, and I all clicked into our rightful spots … a great feeling because it's progress! Already! Tracking has been a really nice activity for us. He gets to be "the boss" and there are no other dogs to really worry about. He really loves it and I really love watching him work. I can see all the subtleties of when he is on the scent and when he is searching for it. Jenn, thank you so much for coming out and working with us.


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