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Welcome to 2SpeakDog's Wall of Gratitude!

2SpeakDog's friends and clients are the very best! We sincerely appreciate your donations toward helping us open our new training facility. THANK YOU to our awesome supporters:

Alanna Wiggins Tomlin
Alicia Atkins
Amy Alexander
Andrew Dawe-Collins
Ann Booker (x2!)
Anne Barriault
Ariana Bensusan
Barb Upchurch
Baylor Belford
Bethanie Constant
Bob McGuire
Bonnie Dempsey
Brian Frank
Brody and Kyleigh
Caley Cantrell
Cameron Sullivan
Carey Wilks
Carol Lacroix
Caroline Sheehan
Carolyn Meares
Cheri Anthony
Christine Iacovo
Cindi Mashburn
Colleen Nichols
Cornelius Riordan
Daisy May & Margie (x2!)
Daniel Wolfe
Dawn Cooper
der Au
Donna & Karl
Elaine Beldin Ward
Elizabeth Ann Barry
Elizabeth Fodill (x2!)
Elizabeth Henderson
Elizabeth Knowles
Elizabeth Schlatter

Emily Ripka
Emily Striffler
Emily Wallace
Erin Mackenzie
Glenn Keskey
Gordon Stettinius
Heidi Mirro
Irma Dillard
Izzy & Nita
J. Gary Rudd
Jacqueline D Palmatier (x3!)
Jan Estes
Janet Baruch
Jennifer & Wayne Witherspoon
Jennifer Francis
Jeslyn Vaughan
Jessica Murray Schiffer
John Leopold
Jonathan Ward
Jozie Herrera
Julie Drechsler
Junkless Jane Jackson
Karen, Drake, Roxy, Gen and Hokie
Katie Coleman
Katie Kassab (x2!)
Katy Harmon Michelson
Kayleigh, James, & Grayson
Kayte Ryan
KJ Espenschied
Laura Hopson
Laura Nunnally-Realtor
Laura Reed
Maegan Mayo
Martha Warthen
Mary Kathryn Perkinson

Mary Maier Photography
Mary Scott
Marybeth Phillips
Melissa Rosener
Meredith Braymer
Nancy Giglio
Noreen Rossi
Paul Naccarato
Paula Ellis-Adams
Paula Zaro
Rachel Kornfeld Pustilnik
Rainie Bishop
Rasa Dawson
Renee Judkins
Ridgelea Ridgebacks
Sarah Gross
Sarah Reyes
Shannon O'Neill
Shona Stack
Stephanie & Belle (x2!)
Stevie McFadden
Summer Gentry
Susan Thweatt
Suzanne Payne
Suzanne Weaver
Tanya Manley
Teresa Atkins
Thérèse Hak-Kuhn
Tom Bowers
Tracy Schlagel
Valley Haggard
Weaver Family
Wendy Holcombe Golbitz

Thank you so much for Speaking Dog!


Mission Statement

We help you and your family learn “2SpeakDog” and better understand your pup’s behavior, resulting in a well-balanced relationship for a peaceful, happy home.

Rob Aubuchon

"Rob joined our 2SpeakDog team as an intern in March of 2018. He came to us eager to learn,rob
and ready to take on new challenges along the way. After a year of interning, Rob wanted to get more involved and has since joined our team. He is currently working hard to earn his training certification, and working even harder to learn the 2SpeakDog way.

In 2019, Rob trained with Kasey during our Structured Day program, and gained a multitude of different skills working with a variety of breeds and temperaments. He loves training dogs of all sizes and shapes, but has a soft spot for hounds.

He is the happy owner of a 7 year old Beagle named Lilly, who has been along his side for a little over 5 years. Together they love to explore our wonderful city of Richmond and meet plenty of furry friends along the way.

We are very excited to have Rob continue to grow with us as he starts teaching our obedience classes. If you see him at 2SD or around town, free to say hello. We promise, he doesn’t bite!"

Kasey Herrera

k-herreraKasey grew up training dogs in a variety of sizes, but has always had a passion for the large breeds.  While Kasey's primary focus is on the business aspects of 2SD, she thrives on training many of our workshops, classes and through large breed private lessons.  Her background in Litigation Jury Consulting gives her a unique understanding of human behaviors, and she is able to apply that insight to building stronger dog-people relationships.  Kasey lives in Richmond with her three fur kids - two Great Danes and a small lab mix, as well as additional fur kids that foster, visit or come by to play.

The word that best describes our approach to training is holistic. It’s not just exercises – it’s about a whole life with your dog.
~Brother Christopher Monks of New Skete
He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.
Dogs need something to do. The need to feel useful and love to work for praise and a sense of accomplishment.
~Kyra Sundance